Modern Calligraphy

Although inspired by and occasionally resembles some of the traditional custom Arabic calligraphy styles, the modern calligraphy styles of Dukhan’s designs were achieved through innovation guided by artistic sensibility and a certain quality of pursuing the form. His designs are highly stylized but remain legible, and their tremendous simplicity immediately puts the viewer at ease. As such, the designs offer a fresh rendering of the Arabic letters. They have their sculptural autonomy and economy of execution. Dukhan’s experiment represents a personal impulse within a vast culture. In a way, his work may be viewed as retaining the movement and essence of Arabic letters while using them to achieve new organic forms. Dukhan started experimenting, pursuing, and refining his modern work around 1989. Dr. Dukhan’s intent is not only to attract the Arabic-speaking audience but to cross barriers and touch other languages and cultures.

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