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Nihad Dukhan is an American-Arab artist and a professor of mechanical engineering. As a native of Gaza, Palestine, his interest in custom Arabic calligraphy began when he was in the sixth grade. To polish his training in the traditional styles of Arabic/Islamic calligraphy, he trained with the noted Istanbul grandmaster calligrapher Hasan Celebi (pronounced Chalabi) in Thuluth and Naskh styles and received his Ijazah (master scribe degree) after 11 years of study. He also studied with master calligrapher Mohamed Zakariya in Taliq style and received his other Ijazah in 2013, after 6 years of study. In addition to traditional calligraphy, Dukhan produces designs in his free modern form. His modern designs do not conform to the strict rules of classical Arabic calligraphy. They are highly stylized but remain legible with tremendous simplicity. Dukhan has started pursuing and refining his modern personal form around 1989. His work has been exhibited in major US cities and sold in the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Japan. His commissioned designs include company logos, book covers, CD jackets, wedding invitations, and others. Professor Dukhan is active in promoting Arabic/Islamic calligraphy and increasing people’s awareness of its cultural significance through exhibits, lectures, and workshops. His intent is not only to attract the Arabic-speaking audience but to penetrate barriers and touch other languages and cultures. Nihad Dukhan holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering and is currently a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Detroit Mercy.

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Calligraphy Services

Professor Dukhan offers the following:

  • Lectures covering history, development, and styles of Arabic/Islamic calligraphy as well as its religious, cultural, and artistic significance.
  • Workshops that introduce novices to the art of Arabic/Islamic calligraphy with hands-on experiences and the use of basic tools and materials.
  • Custom calligraphic designs for various purposes, e.g., logos, words, names, graphics for books and other publications, wedding invitations, etc.
  • Original Custom calligraphy for home decoration and hanging. Rates and detailed information are available upon request.


Professor Dukhan typically works at his studio and maintains his original designs in a home gallery. He resides in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Clients are welcome to arrange for a visit.


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Modern Calligraphy

Although inspired by and occasionally resembles some of the traditional styles of Arabic calligraphy, the modern calligraphy styles of Dukhan’s designs were achieved through innovation guided by artistic sensibility and a certain quality of pursuing the form. His designs are highly stylized but remain legible, and their tremendous simplicity immediately puts the viewer at ease. As such, the designs offer a fresh rendering of the Arabic letters. They have their sculptural autonomy and economy of execution. Dukhan’s experiment represents a personal impulse within a vast culture. In a way, his work may be viewed as retaining the movement and essence of Arabic letters while using them to achieve new organic forms. Dukhan started experimenting, pursuing, and refining his modern work around 1989. Dr. Dukhan’s intent is not only to attract the Arabic-speaking audience but to cross barriers and touch other languages and cultures.

Traditional Calligraphy

Blessed among the crafts, Arabic/Islamic calligraphy possesses an emotive appeal and a visual impact that captivates and invites the viewer to meditation. These effects are induced by the architecture and the inner rhythm of its letters. In addition to the readable aspect, Arabic/Islamic calligraphy has an elusive edge; these two engage in an interplay between the seen and the presence of the voice. Arabic/Islamic Calligraphy is generally rooted in the sacred and is a celebration of the divine. The sublime task of the scribe is to visually reproduce the miraculous language and move from the beautiful to the most beautiful.

It is said: “The written word is a talisman, and the process of writing is a magic connected not only to the master’s technique and skill but also to his spiritual and moral character.”

What is presented here is a sample; there are more pieces available. The artist also works on commission.

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