Traditional Calligraphy

Blessed among the crafts, Arabic/Islamic calligraphy possesses an emotive appeal and a visual impact that captivates and invites the viewer to meditation. These effects are induced by the architecture and the inner rhythm of its letters. In addition to the readable aspect, Arabic/Islamic calligraphy has an elusive edge; these two engage in an interplay between the seen and the presence of the voice. Arabic/Islamic Calligraphy is generally rooted in the sacred and is a celebration of the divine. The sublime task of the scribe is to visually re-produce the miraculous language, and move from the beautiful to the most beautiful.

It is said: “The written word is a talisman, and the process of writing is a magic connected not only to the master’s technique and skill, but also to his spiritual and moral character.”

What presented here is a sample; there are more pieces available. The artist also works on commission.

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